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Course Outline/Methodology

  • State of the Global Economy, November 2016

    Supplemental Texts

    Other Resources

    ASSIGNMENTS: Fall Term 2016

    MW Section September 28 --- TuTh Section September 29

    Review/Introduction of Microeconomic Principles: Supply and Demand


    Overview of the economic problem

    Markets -- Demand and Supply

    Applications, and Current Events for Discussion

    Optional -- Alternative explanations/illustrations of basic concepts

    TuTh November 8; MW November 9 -- Balance of Payments

    Balance of Payments -- Most Important

    Determinants of Exchange Rates MW November 14, TuTh November 10

    Most Important Readings

    Current events for class discussion

    National Income Accounting, Macroeconomics/Balance of Payments Adjustment MW November 16/21 TuTh November 17/22

    Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • Chapter 9 in Wheelan provides a good introduction to GDP and some of the issues that come up in macroeconomics -- final exam question

  • Chapter 10 in Wheelan -- good overview of the U.S. Federal Reserve and contemporary monetary issues -- final exam question

    If you haven't had economics before, the chapters in Eggert bring you up-to-speed.

    GDP, National Accounts

    Macroeconomic Theory -- Most Important

    Current Events for Discussion

    MW November 28; TuTh November 29 -- International Monetary System/IMF/World Bank

    Most Important Readings

    MW December 5/7; TuTh December 6/8 Ongoing Global Crisis

    MW December 7; TuTh December 8 Future/Global Governance

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